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Automate your business. Accelerate transformation.

Inflation, economic uncertainty, and labor shortages. Times are tough, but we can help with products and solutions designed to automate your business and accelerate the change needed to tackle your toughest challenges.



Hands-on experiences

Plasma or waterjet? We can help you choose. Our industrial cutting experts are ready to explain the pros and cons of these two cutting processes so you can select the product that is right for your business needs. Compare cut samples. See our products in action. Plus pick up and try the all new Powermax SYNC!

Showcased products:

X-Definition plasma, Powermax SYNC, OptiMAX, ProtoMAX, MAXIEM



Learning opportunities

As an Associate-owned company, all of us at Hypertherm Associates pride ourselves on our knowledge of industrial cutting solutions. Our combined experience and knowledge of cutting processes, tools, and software options means we can help guide you to the right solution. Tap into our expertise, ask us questions. We're ready to listen.


11/8 at 10 a.m.

Session F31: Top Considerations for Successful Waterjet Machining by Ivan Kondeykin Room B302

11/8 at noon

Session W1: AWS/Weld-Ed Conference, Ed Johnson and Betsy Van Duyne Room TBD

11/9 at 10 a.m.

Session F35: New Trends in Plasma Cutting Consumables Optimization by Kris Rich Room B302

11/10 at 8 a.m.

Session F38: Overcoming Labor Shortages in the Cutting Industry by Going Digital by Tom Stillwell Room B302

Automate your business with our solutions


Hypertherm plasma systems

From the introduction of water injection plasma in 1968 to today’s smart torches and X-Definition™ plasma, we expand the boundaries of what people can do when cutting flat plate and 3D shapes. Our CNCs and torch height controls help deliver optimized machine automation allowing you to cut more parts in less time with fewer people.

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OMAX waterjet solutions

Delivering best-in-class cutting performance through industry-leading, easy-to-use software optimized for the waterjet cutting process and efficient pump technology that extends maintenance intervals for maximum uptime. Our versatile systems extend the capability of our customers’ operations, giving them the flexibility to cut any material.

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CAD/CAM and robotic software

ProNest® brand software improves finished part quality, optimizes machine motion, and maximizes material usage, while our Robotmaster® software is changing the way companies program robots through the use of offline CAD/CAM programming, rather than the traditional teach method.

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