Stewardship culture

Our commitment to reducing our environmental impact is intrinsic to our organization as part of a strategic and transformational approach to doing our work. It is a path that is collectively owned by all Associates at Hypertherm Associates, and our core value of environmental stewardship is largely driven by dedicated Associates.

2016 Associate engagement survey results

Dozens of Green Champions throughout our organization help to focus Associate efforts on lowering our environmental impact, and all teams set Green Business Indicators to track key efforts.

Over 85% of teams are now “One Leaf Greener Cuts Certified”, 50% are “Two Leaf Greener Cuts Certified”, and 6% are now "Three Leaf Greener Cuts Certified, internal classifications that encapsulate environmental goals, standards, and procedures. Every team has some form of environmental impact measurement and strategy integrated into their annual operating plan. In addition, we have dozens of Associates engaged in cross organization working groups that manage impact reduction projects.

Over the years, over one thousand Green Continuous Improvement Activities have been created and implemented by Associates in all teams. Teams conduct self-audits of their landfill trash to find waste reduction opportunities, and each month, one exceptional Green “CIA” is celebrated across the company for its savings and teaching opportunity.

We also see that same spirit of Associates’ personal responsibility and action during annual roadside clean-ups, and through the bounty of our on-site Associate organic garden.

CSR trash collection photo