COVER Home Repair and ReCover Store

Posted on 07/26/2022
Posted by Hypertherm

COVER Home Repair and the ReCover Store’s mission is to build community and foster hope through cooperation and fellowship between all home repair and reuse participants. Located in White River Junction, VT, the organization works together with low-income homeowners and volunteers to provide urgently needed home repair that keeps people warm, safe, dry, and in their homes. COVER also offers a weatherization program that helps homeowners save money on fuel.

The ReCover Store, also in White River Junction, VT, sells used appliances, furniture, building materials, and other household items. The store is open to the general public, and offers an economical and sustainable alternative to buying new. Items are donated from homes and businesses throughout the Upper Valley. The store also helps those who are otherwise unable to afford needed goods through a voucher program. Proceeds from store sales help to fund the COVER organization, including the Home Repair Program.

COVER’s education program offers professionally taught classes that give homeowners the skills to do a variety of home improvement projects, including basic electrical, plumbing, and sheet rocking. All are welcome.

What are people saying about COVER?

"Restores faith in people; before I had none. My husband has faith in people. The project saves people a lot of money."

"It means I am not house bound. It means I am able to get into my home with ease."

"This project meant the world to me and my family. We are so thankful to COVER for what they did for us."

"Once the ramp was completed, my sister was able to come home from the hospital. Accessibility was a big part of it. My heartfelt thanks to COVER and the volunteers for making my sister's return home a big success."

"This was a load off my mind that has been there for a few years. It was a financial burden for me as a single parent to pay a contractor to put a roof on for me. (I have in the past had several estimates). This was a huge stress reliever and financial burden taken from me at this time. I have been laid off for three years and am now working as a waitress and getting caught back up."

What are COVER volunteers saying?

“It is very rewarding to help someone have a dry roof over their head and a warm safe home to live in.”

“I save all my community service time for COVER Friday’s.”

“I learn lots of skills that help me with my own house.”

How has the Hypertherm HOPE Foundation contributed to this effort?

The HOPE Foundation supports COVER’s operating expenses annually and has provided a Green Grant for their own building efficiency improvements.

How do Hypertherm Associates use Community Service Time to help COVER?

Hypertherm regularly has volunteers at a COVER project somewhere in New Hampshire or Vermont. Our volunteers have done everything from building wheelchair ramps, to replacing roofs to weatherizing mobile homes. After Hurricane Irene, COVER joined the collaborative organization Upper Valley Strong and worked with other non-profits to help rebuild hurricane-damaged homes.

What can you do?

If you are interested in COVER volunteer opportunities, you can contact To learn more, visit their website, COVER Home Repair.



Posted on 07/26/2022
Posted by Hypertherm